Board of Directors

Executive Board


Joanne Lewis

Vice President

Chantel Harrison


Jaclyn Stuve


Erin Pinfield

Director at Large

Naomi Caine

Board of Directors

Flag Program Coordinator - Jay Daniels/Rene Poulin

Concession and Bottle drive Coordinator - Lindsay Cunningham

Fundraising and Pub Night Coordinator - Chantel Harrison

Volunteer Coordinator - Sheena Tobacca

Registrar - Joanne Lewis

Coaching Coordinator - Naomi Caine

First Aid Coordinator - Naomi Caine

Equipment Manager - Susan Stanyar/Sheena Tobacca

Media CoordinatorJoanne Lewis/Jaclyn Stuve

Cheer Program Coordinator - Lacey Butler

Fall Programming Commissioner - Jaclyn Stuve

Senior Head Coach - Rene Poulin

Junior Head Coach - Damon Mair


Actively recruiting volunteers for:

Fall Concession Team


Yearbook Committee

Fundraising Team

Fall Coaches

Fall Team Managers

First Aid