Team Snap FAQ

We use Team Snap for coordinating our programs and game schedules each season.

If you have any difficulties please let us know -

What is TeamSnap?

Glad you asked!
It's only the latest and greatest in our Football Family lines of communication!

Watch the short video above for more info too!

FAQ about TeamSnap

What does it do?

  • It allows us to communicate with the player, family and coaching staff all in one place
  • Keeps an up-to date schedule that is easily accessible
  • Adds all adults, connected to a player, to the same communication / schedules

What does this mean for you?

  • Fewer email YAY!!
  • Easy and Clear Scheduling
  • Real time updates for games and practices

What Do I Do?

  • Follow the prompts through registration including:
    • Download the app
    • Create an account with your BEST email address
    • Complete the registration form with all your BEST contact info
    • Invite the rest of the family to join (you will be prompted and guided through)
    • Turn on Notifications
  • Leave the rest to us

Will I get SPAMMED?

  • No, you will only receive relevant notifications and info about your player / team